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Tybee to the MOON!

December 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Since arriving on Tybee Island in October I often feel as though I have landed on the moon... Immersing myself with sea and stars and SD cards, this landscape of ever shifting sands and shadows supports this lunar notion... indeed, I am walking on the moon...

(gallery of other worldly images soon to follow...)

Far from Rochester, NY (Rochester Have I Loved...) Tybee feels like another planet and I have to pinch myself -- I really do live here...

In my few short weeks of exploring on my bike or bare feet, camera slung over my shoulder, I am just barely scratching the surface of the many treasures to be discovered on this island called Tybee -- derived from the Euchee tribal word for 'salt.'     Certainly, 'salt of the earth' are amongst the 3000 or so residents that occupy this three mile stretch of island I now call home.  I have met a few already.  I smile at the thought and also that the tribal name "Euchee" is only one letter away from Euchre, my favorite card game.

"You live on a barrier island" one insurance agent explained as coverage was denied. Although this comment indicated I would need to do more homework, I was delighted by these words, just as Conrad Aiken, poet and Savannah native was, in seeing the ship name, "Cosmos Mariner" and later discovering through the shipping news, two additional mysteriously enticing words, "Destination Unknown."

I think about attachment and impermanence, living on a barrier island, destination unknown. Living in liminal space -- between land and sea -- certainly adds another level. Barrier islands provide protection and are vulnerable at the same time. All these delightful words and concepts permeate my thoughts as i ride, and write and see...

Thank you for allowing me to share these moments of light and form, stilled in time by the press of a button.

Wherever this road leads, there is no other journey I'd rather be on and no other island I'd rather call home...
I hope I meet you here.




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