Welcome to your POP UP PAPARAZZI pages! I pop up just about anywhere - anytime with a perpetual propensity to take pics!

I love people, pets, parades, parties, places, ponies, percussion, pirouettes, anything packed with action and peaceful places too.

I'm easily approachable and I LOVE creating and sharing my passion with you...

I post these POP UP PAPARAZZI pics -- street scenes for your perusal and pleasure -- and if you desire, for PURCHASE! Never any pressure, no worries!!! AND if I post something you would like me to remove, please contact me and I will do so - no questions asked!

Many people I meet wish to see their pics from parades and public events, etc... and I do my best to get these up as best I can -- Please have patience and understand I have some projects that are priority and take precedence over my paparazzi playtime! --
SO --- PLEASE keep checking back and feel free to contact me if you are looking for something in particular!


Shhh --- we can keep it a secret -- at least for awhile! Just hire me to show up and start snapping... they'll get the picture... ;)

CALL or TEXT! Judy at 585-766.1586

Your Personal Paparazzi for hire,